Spring Break V: Copenhagen | TRAVEL

I decided to take a break from my dissertation and post the pictures from my last destination, Copenhagen.

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Spring Break III: Oslo | TRAVEL

And we’re finally going out of the UK to Oslo, Norway!

We had a morning flight at 9.25AM and thanks to storm katie that hit the UK that day, it was delayed for SIX HOURS. We received the text about the delay while we were on the train going to the airport. So my friend and I stayed in Gatwick Airport for six hours.

We were really bummed because we’re only staying in Oslo for one night. If the flight is delayed that means we won’t be having much time exploring Oslo. But there were nothing we could do because of the  storm that day so most flights are delayed or even worse, cancelled.

We finally flew from the UK at 3PM and arrived at Oslo around dinner time. Every tourist attraction was closed when we arrived so we could only have dinner.

The next day, we went out at kind of early and went to the Royal Palace and Historic Museum even though we could only took pictures outside the buildings because it hasn’t opened yet at the time. But we had to catch the train to Stockholm at 11.21AM, there’s nothing we could do.

Despite the short visit, I enjoyed the city very much. Oslo is pretty quiet compared to other cities and I loved walking around the cities. Also, it was aesthetically pleasing! I wish I could have spent more time there. Maybe next time!

Here’s some pictures I took in my less-than-24 hours stay in the capital of Norway.

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Spring Break I: Brighton | TRAVEL

Hello, hello!

I haven’t posted anything for a while because I went on a trip for two weeks! (well, twelve days)

First destination: Brighton, United Kingdom. I have never been to Brighton before so it was really exciting and it wasn’t disappointing at all. Though it was quite windy and I was hoping for some sunshine, but oh wells.

We went to Brighton Pier but it was just opened so many of the stalls are still closed. After that we went around city centre and they have little alleys. Exploring little alleys is one of my favorite part of traveling. Also, Brighton is really colorful and it makes everything better. Here are some pictures I took while I was there.

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Edinburgh Christmas Market

I know that this is not book related, but I was looking at pictures I took during my visit to Edinburgh Christmas Market and I feel like sharing them on the blog 🙂

It was my first time visiting the market. There were two markets; Children’s Market and European Market. Both were amazing and I had the best time!

As usual, the vibe is always positive. I love seeing children running around, eating all kind of christmas food, and just having fun. How I wish Christmas market is an all-year long event; just so I can go there whenever I want.

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