How Do I Survive Morning Commute? Podcasts.

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Sometimes, I wonder how I survived my morning and evening commute all this time because now those moments are reserved for podcast. I can’t stop listening to them!

Not only during commute, I also listen to them in the office while I’m working, in the bath, and sometimes at night. Basically, I play them whenever I have a little time for myself. Podcast is definitely a great way to discover stories, learn, or even just to have some giggle.  It’s undeniably the hottest media at the moment with more and more podcast companies raising money. Long story short; podcast is here to stay.

If you’ve yet to discover the amazing world of podcasts, I hope the shows I’m going to mention in this post can catch your attention and lead you right into the new world. Headphones at the ready, guys!

7 Podcasts I’m Currently Obsessed With

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Pod Save America. I’ve mentioned this before and I’m going to mention it again. This is definitely the podcast I go to and looking forward to whenever I read news about American politics. These guys break down politics like no one else. They explainseverything in simple terms and as thoroughly as possible, making politics actually enjoyable. Plus, these guys are really funny! A little (or a lot in this case) humour and laugh never kills, right?

The History Chicks.  discovered this when I was looking for podcasts about the Romanov sisters. I was a bit skeptical because let’s be honest, listening to history can be really boring. However, these chicks know exactly how to make history sounds fun!  Not only focusing on the history, they also tell us the fun tidbits about these people. That helps to remind us that these historical figures were also human. Right now, there are 93 episodes in this series and I have only listened to 5 episodes; Marie Antoinette, Princess Charlotte, The Romanovs Part 1 and The Romanovs Part 2. If I’m not mistaken, all of the episodes focus on women in history. Not only royalty, they also talk about historical women figure from all over the world such as Frida Kahlo, The Schuyler Sisters, and even Mulan. So if you are looking to learn more about women in history, this show is worth the listen!

Myths and Legends. This one is for everyone who has read all of Rick Riordan book series (Percy Jackson & the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus, The Kane Chronicles, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, and The Trials of Apollo to name a few 😉 and I am one of them. I have always loved mythology so when I found this podcast I was super excited. I got even more excited after I saw the list of episodes they have and trust me, they have everything; from Greek mythology to the original stories of the Disney princesses. Pretty amazing, huh? So if you want to hear more about the Medusa or Korean Folklore, go listen to this.

Strong Opinions Loosely Held. If you have ever had any strong opinion on pop culture, this is the must-listen podcast. A podcast by Refinery29, the show discusses variety of topics that revolves heavily around women. The host, Elisa Kreisenger, said that the reason she started the podcast is to discuss various topics where women have strong opinions about but never really voice it. When I found this show, it was like ‘Yeah! Finally a show that talks about the things I think about while scrolling through social media’. Here are some of the episodes that I really enjoy:

Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories. To all my fellow mystery lovers, this one is for you! It discusses real cold cases and unsolved murders. What makes it appealing is how they use voice actors to portray certain key scenes in the story. It’s super intriguing and you won’t be able to stop once you started listening. Random fact: this show is the reason behind my productivity at work. It has nothing to do with my job (I’m a content writer for an IT company in case any of you is wondering) but for unknown reasons, I always managed to finish my job quickly while listening to this podcast. Notes: you’d want to listen to this using headphones or when you’re alone because the screams in the series is pretty startling.

Remarkable Lives, Tragic Deaths. Coming from the same creators of Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories, this show focuses on prominent figures in history and pop culture who have done great things but leave the world tragically. The show hold a similar format to Unsolved Murders and again, that’s why it is so fun to listen to! These guys surely know how to tell stories. I am currently listening to the Cleopatra episode while writing this post down.

How I Built This with Guy Raz. If you are looking for some inspiration and motivation, you must listen to this one. The NPR created podcast talks to amazing guests who have had super high levels of success with their business ideas. It discusses how they started their brands and how they build it from there. I have to say that these stories are truly insightful.  If you don’t know where to start, I recommend listen to the Power Rangers: Haim SabanWeWork: Miguel McKelvey, and Airbnb: Joe Gebbia episodes.

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Do any of you listen to any of these podcasts? I would love to hear which shows you listen to and of course, recommend me if you listen to any great shows. I wouldn’t mind more podcasts to listen to 😉


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