I haven’t read many books this month and it is because I spent my free time watching TV shows! I haven’t been watching a lot of TV shows until I decided to ask around for recommendation and now I’m trapped binge-watching these shows.

The Crown

The Crown

There was a huge excitement over this one TV show because it follows the story of Queen Elizabeth – who I’m pretty sure is one of, if not, the most famous woman in the world. One thing I find fascinating about the show is how freaking similar the scenes in the show with the real life situation. Last year, I watched the special documentaries about the Queen so couples of scenes in the show were familiar to me. But what I love the most about this show is definitely the cast! They really brought the story to life. Claire Foy and Matt Smith are bloody brilliant in it – the perfect choice to play the Queen and Prince Phillip. The casts in the show also look just like their real life counterpart! Kudos to the team behind the show; The Crown is one hell of a TV show.



Another show, another queen. This time; Queen Victoria. Victoria on ITV was also an anticipated show in the UK last year. There was so much buzz about the show and after watching the show, I have to say that it didn’t disappoint. I can’t really comment on the storyline because I’m not very familiar with Victorian history but the cast is really great! Jenna Coleman does a good job being the Queen and I just really enjoy the whole thing. It also makes me want to read more about Queen Victoria so any history buff, if you know any great book about Queen Victoria, please do tell me.



I’m so glad I decided to check out SKAM because I now get what the hype is all about! I really like the concept of the show, REALLY love how relatable it is. The issues tackled in the show, from high school hookups, eating disorders, mental illness, date rape, homophobia, and even Islamophobia feel really authentic. I’m so glad to finally found a show that is not afraid to present these issues on screen without downplaying or exaggerating it.

Other than these shows, I have two more shows lined up to binge-watch. First is The Halcyon. It’s another British “period drama series set in a fictional high-end hotel in London during World War II” according to its website. (Can you tell that I love British TV shows?) The other show I’m going to watch is Shadowhunters. I haven’t caught up with the second season and now that’s the season is over, I can have a Shadowhunter marathon in my room uninterrupted.

I would like to know what you have been watching because I could use more TV shows recommendations!









2 thoughts on “100 WORDS OR LESS | BINGE-WATCHED!

  1. This is such a fun post! I haven’t watched any of these, but I’ve been really meaning to watch The Crown, I’ve heard really good things. I hope you enjoy watching Shadowhunters! I love the books, but I haven’t continued the tv show that much… 😳😂 Right now I’m obsessed with Riverdale though haha.

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