BOOK REVIEW | Struck from the Record (Record #4) – K.A Linde


Title               : Struck from the Record (Record #4)
Author           : K.A. Linde
Genre             : Contemporary Romance
Published      : June 27th, 2016
Rating            : 4/5

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Clay Maxwell is a smart, quick-witted, sex-driven, manwhore with the good looks to match. Plenty of women have shared his bed, but only one has ever been constant, Andrea. Their rules were simple. When they’re together, it’s just the two of them. When they’re apart, anything is fair game. And it worked. For ten years. But one of them has changed the game… Clay must decide if his player ways are worth losing the one girl who has always been there.


I loved the first Record series so when I found out (though late) that there is a continuation to the series I was excited.

Focusing on an open relationship, it was a new topic for me. I don’t think I’ve ever read any story about open relationship before. At first everything was fun and convenient for the two of them until feelings get involved. I think everyone knows it bound to happen anyway because they both have a crush on each other when they were younger.

Based on the synopsis itself, Clay sounds like a very different character from Brady. The bad boy of the political family though he achieves a lot on his own. I can’t help to root for him because being the middle child; he seems lost sometimes, especially when it comes to his relationship with his father. Andrea is really likeable. She is strong and not a pushover. Kudos for Andrea to stood for what she wanted even when it was hard for her.

I’m glad that we got to see a glimpse of their past to help us understand how their pasts helped shape them into how they are now. Andrea’s parents and Clay being in Brady’s shadow growing up.

Clay and Andrea as a couple? Explosive. Their chemistry is off the chart and they fit together. They were always real but neither one want to admit their feelings. The majority of the time I read this, I was frustrated at both of them but more so at Clay. Many issues between them could have been avoided if they were honest with each other. Though as I mentioned before, I’m glad that Andrea is strong enough to stand her ground and in a way, taught Clay a lesson.

K.A Linde always brings angst to her stories and she writes it well. Many moments in this book makes me nervous. This book has everything in it; romance, angst, and humour. The epilogue was so perfect it makes me so happy. Definitely a good first book for the year!




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