Based on a novel by Jeanne Ryan, NERVE is a story about Venus a high school student who lives her over protective mother due to her brother’s death. Her friend Sydney chides Vee for not being brave enough to talk to the boy she likes. So, impulsely, Vee signs up as a player on Nerve. She met fellow player Ian and they teamed up. As the night goes darker, the dares escalate.

nerve book
NERVE by Jeanne Ryan

I have to start by saying that I didn’t have any idea that this movie is a book adaptation. So I never read the book. Going into the film, I didn’t think much about it. I didn’t have high expectation of the movie but oh boy, I was wrong! I actually really enjoyed the film.

I was pleasantly surprised and was very impressed by it. There are a lot of moment in this film that got me gobsmacked. I found myself asking “Why” and shouting “No” at the characters because WHY WOULD THEY DO WHAT THEY DO?!

In term of plot, I felt like it was okay. It could be a little more developed. I wish they told us what happened to Vee’s brother though I understand that Vee’s brother is more of a backstory. BUUUUTTTTT I wish they told us who is behind this insane game because that is the biggest mistery in this story (well for me, at least).

The film is also very fast-paced because it all happened in 24 hours (or maybe less?) though I don’t mind because imagine if it’s more than 24 hours… my heart would probably be tired from beating too fast.

Now to my favourite part of this film. The cinematography. It is absolutely stunning. The different angles they use to tell the story is brilliant. Because the game is watched by many, you actually got to see the views from different watchers. It makes you feel like you are really there. The music in this film also helps build up the excitement of the film. I went straight to my computer to check out the soundtrack once I home from the cinema.

The actors are also brilliant! Though Emma Roberts, Dave Franco, Miles Heizer, and Emily Meade are amazing, the scene stealer for me would be Machine Gun Kelly! He actually looks really convincing playing this reckless character. He absolutely killed his role!

The most important thing for me is the message I got from this movie. It is  quite thought provoking. These kids become players and do these dares for different reasons, but some use it for instant fame. It is quite similar with the world we live in now where there are young people who share everything on social media, hoping to be famous in the virtual world (though I don’t think it is as extreme as this film). Another message is the our online presence. Most of the time we are anonymous online. With social media, it is easy for us to be all mean and bad because there is no one you have to face. It is to send hate messages or make fun of someone online because no one knows that it is you doing it. It is easy to go along with the crowd and attack one person online without having to face the consequences. The movie  did a good job showing us that mob (and even bystander) mentality that many seem to have on social media.

All in all, it was beyond my expectation and pleasantly surprising. Go check it out if you want a light movie to watch with your friend especially if you are into this genre. Also, don’t forget to check out the soundtrack!

Ps. Has anyone read the book? Did you like the book? And if you have read the book and watch the film, how do the two compare?




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