The Wrong Side of Right – Jenn Marie Thorne | BOOK REVIEW

Title: The Wrong Side of Right
Author: Jenn Marie Thorne
Rating: 5/5

The Wrong Side of Right.jpg


Kate Quinn’s mom died last year, leaving Kate parentless and reeling. So when the unexpected shows up in her living room, Kate must confront another reality she never thought possible—or thought of at all. Kate does have a father. He’s a powerful politician. And he’s running for U.S. President. Suddenly, Kate’s moving in with a family she never knew she had, joining a campaign in support of a man she hardly knows, and falling for a rebellious boy who may not have the purest motives. This is Kate’s new life. But who is Kate? When what she truly believes flies in the face of the campaign’s talking points, she must decide. Does she turn to the family she barely knows, the boy she knows but doesn’t necessarily trust, or face a third, even scarier option?


I read this book last year and decided to re-read the book recently. I have to admit that this is one of my favourite young adult novels. One thing I love about the book is how real it feels.

Kate is not perfect by any means. She was just a girl living her life that one day was hit by the reality that her father is a powerful politician. Her father is a republican and the whole having kid out of wedlock was definitely an interesting story for the media. Her father than took her to the craziness of campaigning and that where the story begins.

His eyes burned into mine. “No talking at all, ’kay? Stand there and . . . look pretty.”

 He tapped me on the head, and as he walked away, something broke in me—snapped—so forcefully that I could have sworn it made a noise, like two bits of flint knocking together. My pulse stilled to a dead quiet. I blinked, and everything around me became crisp.

Look pretty.

No one had ever talked to me that way before.

The Coopers is a picture perfect family. Kate got to meet her stepmother and her stepsiblings, who are twins, Grace and Gabe. I expected her stepmother to be colder and unaccepting of her and it’s nice to see that it’s not the case. Doesn’t mean that she accepts Kate right away but I’m just glad that she isn’t the typical mean step mother who looks down on the husband’s daughter. Grace and Gabe are so cute! I genuinely wish we got to see more of Gabe and Kate because he is a sweetheart and their relationship is the cutest.

I wasn’t sure what to make of Kate’s dad, Mark Cooper. We barely see him and when we do, it’s more of the politician Mark Cooper than Kate’s father Mark Cooper. I wish we got to see their relationship developed but you would understand why that didn’t really happen toward the end of the book.

“Not because of you. You were perfect. Are perfect. You’re considerate, moral, brave. But you reminded me…” He couldn’t finish.

 I swallowed through a dry throat. “Of her.” 

“No.” He blinked. “Of me. Who I used to be. Somebody who would stick up for his friends, even if it was risky. Somebody who put other people first. Somebody who…” He let out a helpless laugh. “Somebody who screwed up a lot.”

It’s not really young adult novel without romance and it’s not an insta-romance! Kate met the President’s troublemaker son, Andy in an event and they started to talk to each other after that. I like how the book focuses more on the friendship aspect. The two, being teenage children of presidential candidate, was thrown in the same situation and they could relate to each other.

“and this situation called for twelve phone calls?” I had to press the heel of my hand against the countertop, bracing against his riptide pull.

“Thirteen. Fourteen, including this one” He chuckled anxiously. “Ummmm, did you not hear me say I had feelings for you? Do I need to spell them out?”

Kate’s development throughout the book is also another plus point. I like how she thinks things through and she’s not childish. I do feel bad for her in certain moments because you can tell that she’s struggling with finding her place in this family even though her stepmother and stepsiblings received her and treated her like on of them.

I have to say though that I feel like the ending of the book is a bit crammed. There are so many things that could be developed more in terms of storyline towards the end of the book.

I definitely recommend this book. I don’t have a slight clue of how crazy presidential campaign is and through reading this book, I got a glimpse of how intense it is. It’s been a while since I’m hooked reading contemporary novel and now I’m waiting for more books from the author!

“It’s amazing how much one person can change the world, even if they don’t know they’re doing it.”

Ps. Any contemporary books recommendation? I’m looking for new contemporary books to read!


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