Shadowhunters 1×05 | TV TALK

Shadowhunters 1×05 – Moo Shu To Go

 The fifth episode to me was very short and fast. I don’t know why because I’m sure the duration is pretty much the same with last week’s episode.

So, this week starts with bonding time between Izzy and Clary. It’s nice to see the two girls talk to each other. I guess I’m happy for Izzy because she finally gets a female friend and doesn’t have to spend every waking hour with Jace and Alec. They talked about Clary’s mum and right after that we got to see (very pissed) Maryse Lightwood. I felt bad for Izzy because her mum was really cold toward her but I understand that she was mad at her. I remember from the book that the Lightwoods are known for their snobbish attitudes and I get a little excited because we got to see it through Maryse (weird, I know). I wish we got to see Max, oh well, maybe next time.

Whilst in the institute, Maryse told Jace and Isabelle to go see the Seelies because they stopped talking to the Clave and told Alec to keep his eyes on her. Now, this is going to be interesting. Before Jace left though, Alec talked to him about what happened last week and I would say it’s pretty accurate with the book. Matthew Daddario is an amazing actor and he did an excellent job portraying Alec.

While watching Clary, he got a phone call from Magnus (YESSSS MALEC) and I have to say that it’s my favourite scene in this week’s episode. Meanwhile, while Alec was talking to Magnus, Clary ran from the institute to go to her house, hoping to find something that can help save her mum. Alec realised she was missing, hung up on Magnus, and ran after her. Good to see him keeping his promise. I mentioned last week that I was annoyed by the fact that Alec keeps mentioning how much he disliked Clary. I’m glad to say that there’s improvement in that department this week. I think Alec is now fine with Clary.

Simon is also back and I’m so glad to see him. His lines are still hilarious. If I have to choose top actors in the show, it would definitely be Matthew Daddario and Alberto Rosende. They are successful in bringing Alec and Simon to live on screen.

While looking for whatever Clary was looking for, the werewolves took Simon and her. Alec told Jace that he lost them and Jace was angry. He took it out on Alec but then worked together to find them. Simon was definitely having all his vampire abilities out. This was shown through the jumps and him breaking the cuffs.

All in all, this episode was great in defining the relationships between the characters, except for Jace and Clary’s. However, I’m not sure about the storyline. I felt like they are moving fast in terms of the action, saving-Jocelyn’s-from-Valentine story but there is a slow development on Jace and Clary’s relationship. I think it’s safe to say that their relationship was one reason why so many people are hooked to the book. I really hope, we get to see more of them together. Oh, and more Malec please


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