The Turning Point – Marie Meyer | BOOK REVIEW

Title: The Turning Point
Author: Marie Meyer
Release date: 12.01.2016
Rating: 4/5

the turning point.jpg


It’s funny how a piece of paper can change your life-a diploma, a ticket . . . a plain, white envelope

For as long as I could remember, I was the girl with the plan. Good college, good medical school, good career. I would save lives instead of standing by helplessly, watching while they slipped away.

That was before my father called for the first time in fifteen years to tell me about the terminal illness stealing his life-an illness that might be stealing mine, too. It was before he gave me the name of a doctor and a plane ticket to Italy. Before I flew across an ocean. Before I realized how brilliantly bright life could be. Before I met Lucas.

He’s everything I’ve always wanted, and the timing couldn’t be worse. I can’t do this to him-he deserves so much better. My head tells me I can’t afford to fall in love with Lucas, but my heart won’t listen. Lucas is fearless about the future, while I’m not even sure I have one. There’s only one way to know what’s ahead and it’s waiting for me at home inside a plain, white envelope.

All I have to do, is open it . . .


I received a digital copy from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I loved Marie Meyer’s  novel Across The Distance so I was really excited when I saw that she had new book coming out. The novel is solid even though there are certain parts where I’m not satisfied.

The story follows Sophia, a smart and driven girl who is on her way to medical school. After she experienced loss in her life, she chose to focus on her career and shut everyone out. She was rigid and had everything planned out. One day, her dad, who she hated because he left her and her mum when she was seven years old, told her that there was a possibility that she might inherit life-threatening disease and she was not sure of her life anymore. Her dad gave her tickets to Italy to meet his side of the family. Initially she didn’t want to go but her mother and grandma forced her to go on vacation and live a little.

She went to Italy and met Lucas, a good-looking fella who has secret on his own. They spent time and explored Italy together. For the first time in forever, she felt all these emotions that was foreign for her. She realised that she was in love with Lucas even though she was determined to keep him in arm-length and she realised that she needed to let go of her fear to have her happy ever after with Lucas.

Sophia was a perfect NA novel main girl. It’s not that she is flawless or anything, but she is real and I think a lot of people appreciate it. Despite dealing with heavy dose of reality, she still pulled through everything and decided what’s important and really matters for her. Although at some scenes I couldn’t stand how stubborn she was, I realised that maybe she was that way because of the pain she experienced growing up.

Lucas was first introduced as your typical NA novel. Blonde hair, blue eyed, sun-kissed skin, tall, and hot body. However, as you read on, you realised that there was more to him. He was dealing with his own personal problem.

Their attraction to each other led them to open up slowly. They never pushed each other to break their secret, they let the other have their time and space while still be there for them. Even though there is a slight insta-love/insta-lust going on in this novel, I’m glad that their relationship didn’t move super fast. There was a growing flirtationship between the two and it’s nice to see how there relationship grow in the span of six weeks.

As I mentioned before, there were parts of the book where I’m not satisfied. I want to know how Sophia’s relationship with her dad evolved. Did she forgive her dad? Does she now have a relationship with her father? I also want to know if she’ll still maintain contact with her grandfather in Italy since that was one of the important reason she went there for. I wish she met her grandfather one more time before she went back to the States.

Overall, it’s a great book. It’s realistic, every single moment between Lucas and Sophia is described perfectly, and they are not over done. It was a perfect mix of sweetness, dramatic, and at times, sexiness. I recommend this book to everyone who is in the mood for New Adult book and want something fresh and realistic.


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