Top Five Friday: My Favorite Series in 2015


I read quite a number of books in 2015 (209 books) and a lot of them are series. In today’s post, I tried to choose five from God-knows-how-many series I read last year. They are not in any particular order, because there’s no way I can rank them so here we go!

Mara Dyer-ALT

This series follows the story of a girl called Mara Dyer who one day woke up in a hospital without a single memory of why she’s there or what happened in an accident that killed her friends. She then started to have flashes of what happened that night and realised that there was more to what happened. She’s convinced that she’s dangerous. Along the journey, she met a boy called Noah Shaw. Charming and full of personality, Mara couldn’t help but to fall for him – even though she tried hard to push him away.  The more Mara and Noah dig to find answers, the more questions and truth they find out; and they are not necessarily pleasant.

The series is full of mystery. The first book pulls you right into Mara’s world. It’s confusing at certain parts but the more you read, especially the second and third book all of them are answered. I tried to guess what’s going to happen next and I was wrong most of the time. I love that the book is unpredictable because it makes the whole reading experience more fun!


The Lux series is about a girl named Katy who moved to West Virginia. She then meets her hot, tall, green-eyed neighbours who is infuriating and seems have to making Katy angry as his life mission. One day a stranger attacked her and Daemon saved her by freezing the time; he turns out to be an alien. Now, Katy is lighted up because Daemon touched her and the only way to stay alive is by sticking with Daemon.

I discovered Jennifer L. Armentrout last year and she’s definitely one of my favourite authors. This series deserves five starts rating, in my opinion. I finished the whole series (minus Oblivion because it’s only released recently) in less than a week. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. The storyline and the characters are well developed. The settings are elaborately explained so I can really imagine how everything is. Daemon is definitely on the top of my book boyfriend list. I admire Katy so much for being so strong throughout the whole series because if I were in her position, I don’t know how I’d survive. If you like paranormal romance, I’d recommend you to check this one out.


Another paranormal romance series from Jennifer. The series is about groups of people who are descended from the Greek Gods called Hematoi. The upper class citizens are called the Pures, which are the descendants of gods. The lower class citizens are called the Half-Bloods because they are half god, half human. The pure-bloods are given all the priveleges while the half-bloods either become sentinels or slaves of the pure. The Pures and the Half-Bloods are also not allowed to get involved in a romantic relationship. Alexandria is a Half-Blood whose mother was killed by the Daimons (which is the enemy of the Hematois) and then got rescued by people from Covenant of the Pure. One of them is called Aiden St.Delphi, which later on become Alex’s love interest. Despite being rescued, Alex isn’t sure if she belongs in the covenant and how is she going to get over her mother’s death? Also, will her attraction to Aiden cause problem?

This book is fast-paced and totally action-packed. One addicting quality of the book is the comedic theme. Each of the characters is witty and they know how to make me laugh; especially the secondary characters. The secondary characters always come up at the wrong time but say the right things. The love story is bittersweet. Both Alex and Aiden are strong and independent. My favourite moments in the book is where the one of them just be vulnerable and let the other one take care of him/her. It’s really different from the Lux series and I don’t know how Jennifer does it!

Royal Saga

Warning: For readers 18 and up due to mature, erotic scenarios.

Clara is an American student who lived in London. Recently graduated from University in the UK, she stayed there and started working. In one of her friend’s graduation party, a familiar stranger who turns out to be Prince Alexander of Cambridge, the royal bad boy and exiled heir to the throne, kissed her. The story then follows the story of the two, who are attracted to each other, yet can’t be together because the two have their own painful secrets. Alexander tried to warn Clara to stay away yet she stays.

This book definitely has Fifty Shades of Grey vibe to it. When I read Fifty Shades, I felt that the book focuses more on the sex while the Royal Saga has a perfect balance of the hot sex and storyline. It might start with the sex, but once the story focuses on the main plot – a royal having a relationship with a half-american commoner – the story is set and it centres on their relationship and their problem rather than the sex. The sex in the book is BDSM-oriented sex so if you are not into it, the book might not be for you (or you can skip the sex scenes? Hehe). It’s also insta-lust/insta-love story and sometimes it doesn’t work. However, Geneva Lee makes it work successfully in this book. Overall, I enjoy the storyline and it’s one of my favourite royal romance stories.

Runaway Train


The Runaway Train series tells the story about the members of a rock band called Runaway Train (duh!). Each book tells the story of each member; except for Music of the Soul, which is a continuation of the first book.

It’s impossible to choose which book I love the most because they are all different. Each man is lovable in their own way. The have their moments and their own problem. Despite all that, they are a family and always there for each other. If you like rock stars and great romance, I’d recommend this series.


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