Royal Marriage Market – Heather Lyon | Book Review

Title: Royal Marriage Market
Author: Heather Lyon
Release Date: December 15th, 2015
Rating: 4.5/5



Every decade, the world’s monarchs and their heirs secretly convene to discuss global politics and social issues—and arrange marriages between kingdoms.

Elsa may be the Hereditary Princess of Vattenguldia, but she finds the entire situation archaic and unsavory. While she wants what’s best for her country, she isn’t about to jump into an unwanted relationship—let alone a marriage—with a virtual stranger. Of course, her feelings matter little to her parents, whose wheeling and dealings over trade pacts and alliances achieved at her expense begin the moment they set foot in California for the Summit. So when a blindingly handsome royal runs into her, she doesn’t hesitate to tell him there’s no way she’s marrying him.

Christian is all too happy to agree: no marriage. As the Hereditary Grand Duke of Aiboland, his main goal is to get through the summit without a bride being foisted on him. Which is why he suggests they help each other field potential intendeds. As Christian slowly gets to know Elsa, though, he realizes they have a lot more in common than just their feelings about the Royal Marriage Market. Only he can’t fall for her, because royal or not, they’re not meant for each other.

Elsa and Christian will have to evaluate matters of the heart verses those of state and crown, and decide whether or not tradition trumps love.


Elsa and Christian are the heir to their respective thrones and are urged by their parents to find suitable consort. They found themselves sent to California to attend the Royal Marriage Market, a weeklong delegation where royals are being paired off. Both of them are stubborn and very strong-willed, they are determined to not be paired off to anyone in the delegation. Unfortunately, business arrangements between the countries take precedence over their feelings.

As a reader, it was hard for me not to root for the two of them. They are aware of their duties and responsibilities to the country. They are both selfless and always put their countries and families first. Elsa is a feisty heroine, she has a firm grasp of her role as a princess but she is also a free spirit. Christian possesses kindness and intelligence that make him even more likeable. The chemistry between the two is undeniable; their banter is the best! My favourite moments in the book are the ones where the two are together, having conversations and making each other laugh, for once not a prince and a princess but just two friends having fun. I imagined that the two didn’t have much of that before they met.

The secondary characters add more depth to the book. My favorite secondary character would definitely be Isabelle, Elsa’s sister. I had to admit that I was weary of her in certain parts of the book. So when she did (what I think and probably it is) the right thing, I sighed in relief. Also, she did some spying on her parents and find out about the secret they are keeping from everyone. It was kind of heartbreaking to see how far some people would go to ensure they have money and power; even if it means that they have to use their children as their pawns.

All in all, it’s a very easy and enjoyable read. I love the language in the book. Maybe because they are royal, the language is very refined and as a non-native speaker, I learned new vocabulary through them. The ending to me was a little bit too open. I need closure about certain things and desperate for it. Fingers crossed Heather is going to write more books about them because I need more Christian and Elsa in my life.




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